GREAT NEWS!!! My sister and I have decided to start our very own blog-style website! It will feature girl talk, gossip, and a lot of other random things! I am excited because it will be my first time actually trying out the whole blogging thing---well, completely.. lol! But I hope that all of my family, friends, and followers check us out! We will be launching the blog January 1, 2014! Stay tuned... xoxo - Bri




Moment of Silence for all of those affected by the 9/11 Tragedy. We will NEVER forget! 
First, it was Casey Anthony. Now it's George Zimmerman. A woman that loses her child and lies, a man that follows a boy that's talking on the phone with Skittles and an Arizona tea in his hand... YET, Florida acquits BOTH!?! In the wake of the verdict made by six jurors, I am saddened. I am saddened that George Zimmerman has basically gotten away with murder. I feel as though they should have at least charged him with something! But the six jurors obviously didn't see it that way. And that makes you know that there are so cold and twisted minded people in the world. I am not sure to say that race was an issue. I just feel as though Zimmerman spotted Martin as a "hoodlum" and wanted to take matters in his own hands. I could be wrong about the race issue. But what really happened that rainy night in February? There are only three people who REALLY knows: Zimmerman, Martin, and GOD! I feel as though justice was NOT served. And to make matters worse, Zimmerman has not once showed remorse towards what he has done. And that's really sickening. How could one be so cold to feel as though taking a life would ever be acceptable. A life is something that you can not readmit back a person. Zimmerman walks free with a breath in his body yet Martin is dead. And that isn't fair! 

Meanwhile, a woman in Florida was found guilty and sentenced to 20 years for firing a warning shot at her abusive spouse. (Yes, re-read that sentence!) And you still think Florida is a GOOD place to be with good laws? No, No, NO! Florida laws contradict themselves and are not fair at all! 

I will continue to pray for the Martin family and hope that Trayvon rests in eternal peace. Justice will be served one day, whether its brought on by man or by God ultimately. Reports are saying that federal charges will be brought on Zimmerman. I pray that justice is served in that area. 
Happy Mother's Day to my AMAZING mom. My mom is ALWAYS there for us and she is what I call a true survivor and a "go-getter". We have not always seen eye-to-eye and I know I've done several disappointing things, but she always understands and embraces me and tell me "It's Gonna Be Alright". She has been both MOM and DAD for us. And what's the BEST thing she's done?? Created this gorgeous Queen right here! LOL I am forever grateful and no words will be able to describe my gratitude. Thank you for being my SUPERWOMAN mommy

I am so grateful to reach another year of the complicated yet beautiful cycle of life! Thanks to everyone who is taking the time to wish me a Happy birthday! xoxo
So two days after the horrible Boston bombings, there was a tragic and dangerous explosion in West, Texas at a fertilizer plant. And tonight there was a shooting in the Boston area again at the MIT campus where a police officer lost his life. All of this is starting to scare me. This world is crazy! God bless the USA! Help us get through these tragic times! I pray God watch over Boston and West/Waco, Texas! 

For the FULL story of the Boston bombings and the Texas explosion, please go to! 

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Yesterday reminded us again that we live in a world full or cruelty and evil. The Boston bombing saddened me greatly! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the headlines stroll across my television. Why would someone do something like that? How could they? I am curious to see whether it was indeed a terrorist attack brought on by another country or was it a "home-grown" attack. The FBI said that the attack was well planned, and it had to be considering it happened at a very popular and well-known marathon race. The sad part to me is that the marathon was beneficial and in memorial of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre and that a little 8-year-old boy died. That alone breaks my heart. Aside from the little boy, his mom and sister were injured as well, along with 170+ others. 29 people had to have amputations and there were 2 other fatalities. Over a third of the 170 people were in critical condition, but thankfully most of those individuals has been released from Mass General Hospital. I feel bad for the families of the victims. Unfortunately, there hasn't been any information on the cause or an identification of a suspect but President Obama assured that that person will definitely see harsh punishment and there will be justice. I pray that that justice comes sooner rather than later. I can't imagine a thing so tragic happening. That clearly shows that this world is indeed full of evil people. And that thought alone scares me. How could someone harm so many people. But there are so many sick people that get aroused by the pain of others and the infamous success brought to them. I will continue to keep Boston my prayers and the families of the victims. God bless BOSTON! But most of all, God bless the USA! 
R.I.P. Martin! <3
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