Want to earn a little $$$ just to help you out weekly? Well here are some sites that I came across today...follow the links to sign up! 

SliceThePie- Get paid to listen to songs and leave a review. Pays between $0.05-$0.20 per review left. I made $2 within 20 minutes! http://www.slicethepie.com/?wyd=437679ReadBud- Get paid to read articles and rate it. Must have PayPal account! Can redeem $$$ after $50 is made.http://www.readbud.com/?ref=6394240   Please note: You MUST have PayPal to redeem your $$$! This is not a regular job, just something to do on the side to earn lunch $$$! These programs also have affiliate programs where you get paid for signing up people! Sign up right now, start working RIGHT NOW!

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