When I was born, I had love from God, my mother, and my father. Honestly, that's all I need. Many people are too quick to judge and point fingers, but in all actuality...how can you? How can I, or anyone else, judge a person? Have I lived their life? No. Do I know their true intentions? No. Have I walked a day in their shoes? No. The only person in the position to judge is God. So I get so sick of people saying cruel things to people, and being quick to pass judgement. But in all honesty, I could care less what anyone thinks of me. I'm me, and I am loved. I love myself unconditionally! I dont have the need or desire for the world to love me, or even like me. I dont need acceptance from anyone to make me happy. I have obtained an "I dont give a fuck" sticker. lol. That is truly my mentality about that. But it saddens me because many people feel the need to have that acceptance from everyone. They feed off of that sorta thing. And when they dont get it, it makes them feel as if their life isnt worth living. People should take a good look in the mirror, and judge themselves before they try to judge anyone else. The next time you attempt to judge someone....take a step into their shoes. I guarantee you if you did that, your outlook on that person would be totally different. The last time I judged someone, I was made a fool of. There I was, acting all high and mighty, trying to judge that person..but I didnt know them, or had no clue about what they were going through. But when I did get to know them, and knew what was going on in their lives...I felt stupid for even doing what I did in the first place. Dont be too quick to judge a person! 

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