Yesterday was the first and probably the LAST snow day that Alabama has this year! But hey, I don't mind though. I'm a REAL southern girl and do not really like snow. But didn't I look SO cute in the pictures I took yesterday? LOL 
Happy birthday to the man that made it possible for us (African Americans) to have the amount of opportunities today! Sometimes I wonder how the world would be without his contributions!

Last night, I was reminded of why I was such a HUGE Alabama fan! Alabama won the Discover BCS National Championship against Notre Dame with a score of 42-14! OUR point has been proven. And for another year, we (Alabama fans) will have bragging rights. I am PROUD to be an Alabama fan! And if our winning streak does not continue next season, I will still be screaming LOUD and CLEAR, "ROLL TIDE!". I bleed crimson red, always have...always will! Congratulations to the hard-working players of the Alabama football team and to the wonderful coach, Nick Saban! Hopefully.. *Fingers crossed*... I will be up at the UA campus next year to see my boys LIVE and DIRECT! Until next season everyone.... ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!