So, 2012 has been a cool year for me. It was way better than 2011! I've met people who I will carry over into 2013 and I've dropped the ones that will stay in 2012. I've had heartaches and heartbreaks. I met an amazing man that I am happy to say is a friend of me. I started my own social group. I started a good job and decided to leave it in 2012. My beautiful god-sister was born. 2012 has had its ups and downs, but I have weathered the storm and saw many rainbows. I thank God for the GOOD and the BAD, simply because without the bad, I would not be able to appreciate the good. Anything could have happened to me, but God said, "I'm not through with you yet, Brianna!". I know that 2013 will bring many hurdles to cross and mountains to climb, but I AM READY. I'm ready to conquer the trials and the tribulations. I am ready to make BIG moves in 2013. So with that being said, buh bye 2012, HELLO 2013! :) 

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