Today was a good day. I got a good gift from my mama and sister! I love them so much! My sister came in my room at midnight and yelled: "Happy Birthday Bri", which made my day! Also, Shaunie O'Neal gave me a birthday shoutout on her Facebook page. I found out my G.P.A. was 3.8! And then my boo thang came over and gave me beautiful pair of emerald earrings! =) My lovely Facebook and Twitter family showered me with shoutouts, which I am so grateful for! I had a great birthday! I appreciate all of my family and friends! Next up: PARTY on Friday!!! I'm READY! 
I'm so excited to be turning another amazing age! Thank you God for bring me through another year of life. I've had trials, I've had tribulations...but through everything...I'm STILL standing! 

If you're in the Anniston, Alabama area, I'd like to invite you to my Hollywood Birthday Bash, more info is on the banner below! For  additional information, hit me up by leaving a comment in the "Hit Me Up" section. Also, leave me birthday shoutouts below! =)