Yesterday reminded us again that we live in a world full or cruelty and evil. The Boston bombing saddened me greatly! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the headlines stroll across my television. Why would someone do something like that? How could they? I am curious to see whether it was indeed a terrorist attack brought on by another country or was it a "home-grown" attack. The FBI said that the attack was well planned, and it had to be considering it happened at a very popular and well-known marathon race. The sad part to me is that the marathon was beneficial and in memorial of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre and that a little 8-year-old boy died. That alone breaks my heart. Aside from the little boy, his mom and sister were injured as well, along with 170+ others. 29 people had to have amputations and there were 2 other fatalities. Over a third of the 170 people were in critical condition, but thankfully most of those individuals has been released from Mass General Hospital. I feel bad for the families of the victims. Unfortunately, there hasn't been any information on the cause or an identification of a suspect but President Obama assured that that person will definitely see harsh punishment and there will be justice. I pray that that justice comes sooner rather than later. I can't imagine a thing so tragic happening. That clearly shows that this world is indeed full of evil people. And that thought alone scares me. How could someone harm so many people. But there are so many sick people that get aroused by the pain of others and the infamous success brought to them. I will continue to keep Boston my prayers and the families of the victims. God bless BOSTON! But most of all, God bless the USA! 
R.I.P. Martin! <3
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