Recently, Ray J came up with the crazy idea of writing a diss song that fired directly at Kim Kardashian and her new beau, Kanye West. Hmm, why does Ray J want to start shit with his ex? He was so three or four relationships ago with Kim! But Ray J seems to think he "put her on" as he says in his song. And the craziest thing yet--- the title of the single is "I Hit It First"! And even worse----the song cover also has a pixelated version of Kim's beach shot. (See below.) Yet Ray J claims the song is not about Kim K. LIES, LIES, LIES! Well, I listened to the song a few minutes ago and I must say, it's VERY catchy and sounds better than most of Ray J's songs. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of both Ray J/Brandy and the Kardashians (not as much anymore) but the song was FUNNY as hell! 

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