Relationships....are....complicated. Thats the first word that come to my mind when I think about relationships and love. I have yet to truly discover real love. Guys these days are immature and truly dont know what they want. Some guys arent ready to just settle down and be with one person. And thats the cold truth. Hell...some girls arent either. So I've just decided to just be single and explore my options. I dont wanna settle so quick and get hurt. Its best that way. I wanna meet and get to know different individuals and see how we connect. I want love to come naturally...because thats how its suppose to be. I'm done with "looking" for love. As long as I'm looking...I'm gonna run into some people that dont even deserve to be in my life. And that would cause me more heartbreak. Having a broken heart is the hardest thing to get over. I've learned to develop feelings so quick. I'm done with wasting my precious time with foolish guys that dont know what they want in a relationship and in life in general. I have goals in life and the last thing I need is someone holding me back because they're constantly bringing drama into my life.

So I'm just gonna sit back and relax...and let love come to me. In the meantime I'm gonna live my life and get myself together. So many women think they "need" a man. Men sometimes think the same. Be content with you first and then everything will fall into place. One thing I know is that there's someone for me. Everyone has a soulmate. If you ever meet them just depends on your decisions in life and love! I refuse to settle just because I dont wanna be alone. Thats some bs. I deserve the best, and thats exactly what I'm gonna get! Settling wont get you anywhere. You wont find your soulmate if you just settle. I have a certain guy I like...and the guys that "try" to talk to me are from it. They're immature...they're thirsty...and they dont have goals in life. I may be single...but I'm not desperate! I'm a beautiful young woman....and someone wouldnt mind treating me like they're queen! lol Why settle for someone thats gonna be in the same position they're in now 5 years from now?? Forget that! I've gone through alot when it comes to relationships...I've dealt with cheaters, liars, sex crazed mofos, and all kinda crazy stuff. And the reason why I came across them is because I didnt take the time to get to know them. I just jumped into something...which was my mistake. I'm done making them mistakes! So until I find "the one" and I trust in my heart he's meant for me...I guess I'll just be single because I refuse to settle for anything less than what I deserve.


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