Never thought I'd lose a parent so soon in my life. But I am fortunate that my daddy got to see me reach 17 years old. My heart was broken when I found out I had lost my daddy. We didnt have a real relationship, but he was still my daddy..and without him, I wouldnt be here. I wish I could have spent time with him and gotten to know the real him. I wish we could have been around each other a lot more in my life. The last time we talked, we had ended off on a bad note...but I'm glad I got a chance to tell him I loved him and I was sorry. I do love my daddy with all of my heart and soul...and without him in my life, there will always be a void in my heart. When my aunt told me what had happened, my heart sunk. I thought to myself, "How could this happen to me?" It's hard...I cant even lie. But with God, I can get through any and everything. I've lost both of my maternal grandparents, and I said if I can get through my grandma's death, I can get through ANYTHING! My grandma was my pride and joy, my everything! But God makes no mistakes, and there's a reason for everything He does. My daddy is no longer suffering. He fought a good battle the last day of his life, but God was ready to call him home. And the only thing me and my family can do is accept it and move on. Life is short, so we have to enjoy the time we do have left. Yes, I'm very sad...but everything's gonna be alright. God will not put any more on us than we can handle. God will never leave nor forsake us. My daddy is an angel in Heaven now...and I should be glad that he has met his maker. He's resting in paradise..and one day I will see him again. I'll get to see him smile and laugh...and we will be together again. He wouldnt want me to mope around and be sad all the time...he'd want me to continue to live life and be the successful woman he and God wants me to be. And that's what I intend to do. I'ma make my daddy, my grandma, and my grandpa proud! And I know that they'll always be in my heart...and they're watching down on me! I love them with all my heart and soul...and we shall meet again. I'm not saying goodbye because we will meet again, so right now I say See you later Daddy, Grandma, and Grandpa! 

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