Blinded by love

I was such a fool

Loving someone like you

Shouldn't have been a must

You were there for me

Being everything a man should be

Little did I know

The real you was a mystery

With time, the lies unfolded

Unlocking your true identity

Hurting me every step of the way

Heart shattering more day by day

Your actions were shocking

How could I be such a fool?

How could I fall for your type?

Leaving me questioning myself

About my judgement of wrong and right

In the end I learned

Never again would I love so deeply

Never again would I sacrifice my heart

Never again would I be so stupid

Never again would I subject myself to pain

I learned to move on

Although it was hard

I had to suck it up and be strong

No need in battling with myself

No need in continuing to be foolish

I refused to stay in your web of lies

It was clear that the love you claim you had for me never existed...


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