Today, the toxicology reports came back and it has been reported that the Queen of Pop died of drowning due to heart disease and cocaine use. I'm shocked, although many people knew that drugs would be her downfall. I kind of thought she was weening off of drugs and trying to rehabilitate herself. It's so unfortunate that in the end, she became weak to the drugs. And the even sadder thing is, maybe she didn't know she had a heart condition. That's a reason why I tell people, make sure you get yearly/bi-yearly check-ups as needed. I pray that the family has closure and they can move forward in the healing process. Honestly, I don't know how it feels to have a parent that was/is on drugs, so I feel for Bobbi Kristina. I lost my daddy last August, but couldn't dare bare the thought of losing my mother, considering she's the only one I have now. I pray that God continues to watch over Bobbi Kristina, Mrs. Cissy Houston, and the rest of the Houston family! 

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